Frequently Asked Questions

What is
- is the next generation in Journey Planning and mobile ticketing. In the trial version of the app you will be able to plan public transport journeys in West Yorkshire and some users will have the option to purchase day tickets on the Leeds Park and Ride services for a discounted price. The full version of will launch in early 2018 and will allow users to plan journeys across multiple forms of transport and purchase tickets across transport types.

What is the purpose of the trial?
- To test the core functionality of key components of the app and to collect feedback from real people on their thoughts on the first version of the app

What journeys can I plan using the app?
- You can plan any public transport journey in West Yorkshire (bus and rail).

Can I buy a bus ticket through the app?
- If you have signed up for the trial at the Leeds Park and Ride sites and have been provided with a code you will be able to purchase tickets through the app. Otherwise you will just be able to plan public transport journeys

Where can I use for purchasing tickets?
- This trial test is restricted to Park & Ride bus routes in Leeds and can only be used for two weeks from 30th October to 12th November

What bus services is the App available on?
- PR1 –Elland Road Park and Ride Service
- PR2 –Temple Green Park and Ride Service

What type of payment can I use to buy a ticket?
- You can use a debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or a PayPal account to purchase tickets through the app

When should I activate my ticket?
- Please activate your ticket when you board the bus

How many tickets can I buy?
- You can buy up to 14 day tickets through the app but all the tickets must have been activated and used by the 12th November.

What do I do if I have a problem with using the App while travelling?
- If you do experience a problem using the App then please contact us:

phone : 0113 245 7676
email :
(7am-10pm, seven days a week).

My phone has a dead battery what do I do?
- You should ensure that your phone battery is charged in order that you can travel.
- If your phone battery is not working before you board the bus then you will need to pay a cash fare for your journey.

Why is it only on the services and areas listed above?
- This is a very specific limited trial designed to test core components of the app and the use of the app in controlled real world situations.

What happens if the driver does not accept my ticket?
- Drivers have been briefed to accept tickets in the event of an issue please contact us directly. Note that we advise carrying change for your fare just in case of any exceptional circumstances during this trial

What happens if I use the App outside the areas stated?
- The driver should be able to tell you if the App is valid for your bus journey. If the App is not valid for your journey then the driver will ask you to pay and you won’t be able to use the App.

What do I get for taking part in the trial?
- You will be involved in testing an app which we hope will transform the way we plan and book our transport modes. In addition you will have the option to enter into a prize draw to win an iPhone 8 if you complete and submit the feedback survey within the app (Separate terms and conditions apply). Some users will have the benefit of being able to purchase discounted tickets on the Park and Ride Services.

Who can take part in this trial and how long is this trial for?
- The trial is open to a small number of users who are over 18 and have an Apple iPhone 5 or later, running iOS 9 or later.
- This app will be available for two weeks from the 30th October to the 12th November

Can I transfer my account to another handset/phone?
- Yes, simply log in to the app on another iPhone

Do I have to take part in the surveys at the end?
- Completing the survey is not mandatory however, your experience form an important part of the results of this trial and will determine how the app is developed for roll out in the future. You also won’t be entered into the prize draw if you do not complete the survey.

What is the future of this after the trial?
- Depending on the results and customer feedback it is hoped that we will be able to develop the system for full scale launch in West Yorkshire (stay tuned in early 2018) and in the future other regions throughout the UK.

NOTE – It is recommended that you carry enough change with you for your fare just in case there is a problem.

Queries must be raised within 7 days of the journey.

I‘ve purchased a ticket I don’t need, how can I get my money back?
- If you are requesting a refund please provide the following details

• Your email address
• The reason for a refund
• Date and time the ticket was purchased

What type of phone do I need?
- An iPhone 5 or later.

Do I need to have an internet connection?
- No you do not need a connection to travel. However, you will need access to either the internet (via a WiFi connection or a mobile phone data plan) for your phone to connect with the payment system for purchasing tickets Your journeys will be displayed in the Profile section of the app once your journeys have been completed.

How does the phone know where I am?
- uses your phones location capabilities to work out your location and to help plan your journey

Why can’t I use my Android, Blackberry or Windows phone?
- For trial purposes the App only works for iPhones but we will have Android friendly downloads in early 2018.
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